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Restaurant & Cafe

Restaurant • Cafe • Bar • Pub • Catering • Shisha Lounge

Supermarket & Food Products

Grocery • Butchery • Bakery • Patisserie • Food Products

Shop & Non-food Products

Clothing • Shoe • Bag • Jewellery & Accessories • Art & Craft • Antique • Rug & Carpet • Furniture • Book & Magazine • Stationery • Toys & Games • Flower • Musical Instruments

Medical & Health

Doctor • General Practitioner • Physiotherapist • Chiropractor • Dentist • Nutritionist • Optometrist • Pharmacist • Counsellor • Psychotherapist • Midwife • Clinics & Medical Centres

Job & Employment

Full time • Part time • Temporary • Contract • Salesperson • Marketer • Engineer • Manager • PR • Analyst • Assisstant • Delivery Driver • Chef • Waiter

Currency Exchange

Money Transfer • Money Exchange • Crypto


Beauty Salon • Hair Salon • Barbers • Beauticians • Makeup Artists • Models • Fashion Photography • Massage • Spa • Beauty Products

Hotel, Travel & Tourism

Hotel • Airbnb • Travel Agency • Tour Guide • Historic Sites

Information Technology (IT)

Website & App Design • Hosting • Graphic Design • Digital Marketing • SEO • Multimedia • IT Support & Repairs • Network & Security

Accounting, Financial & Legal

Accountant • Lawyer • Solicitor • Official Translation • Mortgage Advisor • Business Consultant • VAT • Tax Return • Company Registration • Visa & Immigration • Citizenship • Insurance


Concert • Film • Theatre • Live Music • Festival • Exhibition • Ceremony • Party • Scientific events • Sport events • Kids events

Class, Education & Learning

Private Tutor • Language Class • Music Class • Sport Class • Math & Science Class • Dance Class • Yoga Instructor • Driving Instructor • Online Class • School • Nursery

Local Services

Laundry • Removal • Freight • Taxi & Cab • Plumbing • Gardening • Cleaning • Electrical • Heating • Painting • Decorating • Locksmith • Builder • Publishing & Printing • Event Planning • Child Care


Property to Sale • Property to Rent • House Sharing • Real Estate Agent


Car for Sale • Car for Rent • Car Dealers • Car Repair and Service

Communities & Cultural Centres

Communities • Societies • Associations • Unions • Foundations • Charities • Cultural & Art Centres • Galleries

Industry & Trade

Manufacturers • Industrial Products • Commercial Companies • Import & Export • Custom Clearance

Add Listing Instructions in the USA:

Please note we may have already added your business on Infoyab so you do not need to add it again. Search via the search box above (on the header) and if your business appears, simply claim it by going to your listing page and clicking on the claim listing button. If your listing does not appear, you can easily add it to Infoyab by following these steps:

As you can see on this page there are several listing types and you may choose one that suits your listing.

For each listing type, we display its categories and some related keywords, to help you select the right one. For instance, Restaurant is one listing type and Supermarket is another listing type:

    • Restaurant (Restaurant & Cafe, Catering, Bar & Pub, Shisha Lounge).
    • Supermarket (Grocery, Butchery, Bakery, Patisserie, Food Products).
    • Event (Concert & Music Events, Film & Theatre, Sport Events, Exhibition).

For example, if you want to submit a listing for a Bakery, you need to choose the “Supermarket” listing type.

For the “Event” listing type, note that you should always specify both its start and end date-time. Events do not necessarily need to be one-off and they may have regular or irregular intervals. You can specify all these details when adding your event on Infoyab.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt about selecting your listing type.

Please note you must sign in to submit your listing on Infoyab. If you do not have a user account, you can easily register for free with your email address. You can also register instantly with your Facebook or your Google account.

Each listing on Infoyab belongs to a certain package. Packages are available for a certain amount of time and have different specifications. You may choose a package according to your needs:

    • Free package (Basic package).
    • Standard package.
    • Premium (or Premium Plus) package.

Free package provides basic features for your listing (such as Description, Address, Directions, Phone, Multi-language, …) and is available for a certain number of weeks. Only one listing can be submitted using the Free package. When your package expires, your listing will be removed, unless you switch to another package before expiration date. Free package can be used once by each user.

Standard package includes all the features of the Free package as well as many more essential and advanced features for your listing (such as uploading Background Image, Photo Gallery, Logo, Video, Contact Form, Direct Message, Opening Hours, Pricing and Fees, Special Offers, Announcements, Amenities, QR Code, PDF Files, Social Networks Links, Action Button, Related Listings, …). These features are optional and you can use all or some of them based on your needs. Using the Standard package, you can submit (up to) two listings which will be ranked higher and displayed above listings of the Free packages on Infoyab. Standard package is subscription based and lasts for a specific period, it will be renewed automatically at the end of each period unless you cancel it. You can easily cancel your subscription from your dashboard. One user can have multiple Standard packages.

Premium package includes all the features of the Standard package as well as many more extraordinary features for your listing (such as Appointment and Reservation Service, Full Online Shopping and Delivery Service, Commission-Free Sales, Exclusive Vendor Dashboard, Live Social Feeds, Advanced SEO, Featured Listings, …). Using these features, you can provide services similar to Amazon, UberEat, JustEat, Etsy, Eventbrite, etc. right from your listing page on Infoyab! Moreover, unlike those platforms which charge commission (between 20% – 40%) on the sales, your sales on Infoyab are commission-free! These features are optional and you can use all or some of them based on your needs. Using the Premium package, you can submit (up to) two listings which will be ranked higher and displayed above listings of the Standard packages on Infoyab. Premium package is subscription based and lasts for a specific period, it will be renewed automatically at the end of each period unless you cancel it. You can easily cancel your subscription from your dashboard. One user can have multiple Premium packages.

Premium Plus package includes all the features of the Premium package while lasting for a longer period of time and allowing one extra listing to be submitted. Therefore, you can submit (up to) three listings using the Premium Plus package. If you are planning for your business to have a strong online presence and you would like to have access to all the above features, then Premium Plus package is the most effective and most affordable option for you.

After you select your package, you are presented with a listing details form to fill out. The form has many sections. Based on your selected package and selected listing type, some of the sections may be unavailable for you. If you have Premium (or Premium Plus) packages, all the sections will be available for you to fill out.

The first section in the form is called “General” and includes general questions about your listing, such as Description, Phone, Location, etc. All the questions in the General section are compulsory and must be answered. All other sections in the form (such as “Photos and Video”, “Work Hours”, “Social Networks”, etc.) are optional and you may fill them out based on your requirements. For every question in the form, we provide a hint or a sample answer, please pay attention to them so you can fill out the form with no difficulty or mistake.

Please note you can edit your listings as many times as you want. As long as your package is active, you can modify its listing(s) by clicking on the Edit button in your dashboard.  

If you are buying a new package, you will be redirected to the payment page after you submit your listing. Your listing will be sent for our approval, after you make the payment. If you are using a Free package, you do not need to enter your card details during checkout.

We need to approve any listing before they are published on Infoyab.

Approval usually takes a few minutes, but sometimes it may take up to a few hours. Sit back and relax, we will send you an email once your listing is approved.

If we require any further information to approve your listing, we will contact you via email. Please make sure you have access to the email address you used to register your account on Infoyab, otherwise your listing will not be approved.

After approval and publishing your listing(s) on Infoyab you can manage them from your dashboard. You can see detailed statistics, which give you valuable information about the traffic on your listing page. You can see how many visits your listings have had during a specific period of time (daily, weekly and monthly). Also, you can edit your listing(s) from your dashboard as many times as you like, as long as your subscription package is active. To change your subscription package, just click on the “Change Package” button on your dashboard and switch your subscription package accordingly. For example, you can change your package between Standard to Premium Plus, or between Premium to Standard. If you would like to promote your listing for only a few days, which will display your listing as the top item on the homepage and above all other listings on explore page, click on the “Promote” button on your dashboard.

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